Fair Food & Pumpkin Carving

Hey guys! Sorry I was MIA these past few days; I just got super busy and time got away from me! Yesterday after school, my parents, Ben, and I headed out to the state fair! Despite spending half of my life in Texas, I’ve never been to a state fair before! We basically went for the corn dogs, if I’m being honest.


Corn dog and strawberry lemonade!

photo 1 (7)

Followed by some chocolate Gelato πŸ™‚

I also picked up 3 headbands at the fair! They were 3 for $10 so I snagged up 2 flower bands and a more retro-looking chain band. I’m excited to start wearing them!


^ The face of a person who is way too tiredΒ all.the.time.Β 

When we arrived home from the fair, Ben and I began pumpkin-carving! I chose a cute stencil and we got to work. Here’s the end product:


I think it turned out cute! We’re basically pro’s now πŸ˜‰

Side note: My dad’s dog is obsessed with pumpkins. My dad carved one last week and we discovered that she bonds with them. No joke. She lays by the pumpkin all night and guards it! She also gives it lots of kisses.

photo (4)

I think it’s true love.

Have a great Thursday!

Do you like going to the fair?

What’s your favorite “fair food?”

Does your dog have any weird obsessions?


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