Where Have I Been?!

Apparently I’ve been off in my own la-la land for the past week or so.

I seriously apologize for not popping in to blog, but life has been taking priority over the blog world! To be honest, I’ve been wiped lately. Seriously, all I want to do is sleep. Ever. I am so.dang.tired! School is pretty crazy, as always. Lots of homework, lots of tests, etc. My runs haven’t been all that great these days. In fact, they really suck. I’ve been walking a lot because of chest pain, stomach pain, foot aches, knee pain, etc. You name it, it’s been hurting me lately! Needless to say, I’ve been a bit discouraged about my half marathon training.

My diet hasn’t been stellar lately either. There’s been a lot of fast food at my house. Not a lot of produce. In fact, I think I went a whole week and only consumed like 3 servings of produce. I felt awful. This week hasn’t been much better on the produce front.

Did I mention I’m fatigued all the time? I NEVER take naps, but these days I fall asleep doing my homework or studying. Just walking the mile to my car at school wears me out some days. I typically sleep through my alarm clocks, meaning that I miss my runs, which leads me back to my training sucking.

I KNOW I am complaining like crazy right now, and it’s absolutely ridiculous. I am so blessed to have the life that I have..it’s just a little frustrating to feel like I don’t have the energy I need to live it to its fullest. I’m hoping to make it through these next few weeks so I can hit Christmas break. Hopefully, having a nice break from school will give me a chance to rest and rejuvenate. If my energy levels don’t return to normal (after rest, cleaner eating, and a decent amount of exercise), I’ll probably go to the doctor to see if something a little bigger is going on (Celiac? Diabetes? Who knows- if you can’t tell, I tend to be a hypochondriac). I know that my poor eating habits lately are not doing my body any favors, but I feel like even that shouldn’t be draining me this much. I’m typically tired, but never this drained! It’s seriously awful to feel like I can’t even stay awake throughout the day!

Anyways, that’s what’s been going on in my neck-of-the-woods lately. Thanks for listening to my little rant 🙂 Friday I don’t have class, so I’m planning on going to lunch with my friends and having a movie day with Ben. I’m hoping it’ll be exactly what I need! 🙂


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