2014 Runner’s Den Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon – Race Recap

Happy Tuesday! Sorry I wasn’t able to check in yesterday, I ended up having to work very last minute from 7am to 3pm. Then I came home, showered, and went to dinner! It was a busy day!

Race Recap

This past Sunday, my friend and I ran the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon! This is my second time running this particular race, and my third half marathon. You can read my recap of this race from last year here. It was my friend’s first half marathon and I was so excited for her! Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures! We headed out to Scottsdale to stay at a hotel Saturday evening. This turned out to be SO MUCH BETTER than having to wake up super duper early to drive and find parking.

We met at the hotel at 5pm and walked around the area to find dinner. We ended up deciding on P.F. Changs! I got the crispy honey chicken and it was delicious. We headed back to the room and chatted on the couch for a few hours. We planned on going to bed early, but ended up talking until around midnight. Before we went to bed, we laid everything out so it would be ready to go in the morning!

photo 1 (3)

We woke up at 6am and were out the door at 6:30. We headed downstairs and each ate half of a pretty large blueberry muffin (we decided the theme of this race was “wing it”- hence the eating Chinese for dinner, staying up super late, and eating muffins before the race!). We left the hotel around 6:40 and started 1/2 mile walk to the race start! It was really chilly out, so I was happy that I had bought some throw-away clothes from the thrift store I used to work at!

At 7:30, we were off! I wish we would have taken more pictures along the course, but obviously we were running so I guess that’s a pretty good excuse! We knew that we wanted to do a fair amount of walking, so we decided on running 0.70 and walking 0.10. Or so I thought! When we actually started running we realized that there was a misunderstanding between the two of us, so we ended up running 1.70 miles and walking 0.30. We did that for the first 2 miles before realizing that that was a large chunk of time to spend walking. We ended up switching to running 1.90 miles and walking 0.10. We did that for about 6 miles or so. Once we hit mile 8, we decided to walk the last tenth of every mile.

I have to say, it went pretty fast! The run/walk method kept us motivated mentally because we always knew that we had a break coming up. We were always pretty far behind the 2:40 pacer, but we stayed ahead of the 2:50 pacer (she did pass us once when we took a bathroom/gatorade break, but we caught up to her after a mile or so). Things started to really get tough around mile 11. Our legs were like lead, there were quite a few inclines, and it was getting harder and harder to move! We ended up taking a long walking break on the 13th mile to help get us through so we could cross the finish line strong.

We hit the mile 13 mark and sprinted (as best as we could) through the finish line! It’s that moment that we realized all of our hard work in training paid off. Our official time was 2:44:45. It wasn’t a PR for me, but I was just happy to finish with my friend! We both had such a rough time in training, it was really nice to be able to finish together.

photo 2 (3)

Below you will find a mix of our always-awkward post-race photos!

photo 3 (2)

This is my third race with this particular friend. I’ve been honored to run her first 5k and her first 10k with her, but this one was extra special because it was her first half marathon. I remember when I finished my first half- it was magical to realize that your body can do something you never thought was possible. I’m getting all sappy as I type up this post! Every race is special, but this one will always have a special place in my heart.

The Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon of 2015 was a great one!

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