My Christmas List

Hey hey! Happy Friday! While it’s probably the weekend for most of you, my work is just beginning. I work until 11pm Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Fun Stuff!

Today I wanted to give you all a look at my Christmas list! I know that this season isn’t all about gifts, but it’s still quite fun to get to browse around and put my wish-list together.

2xu Compression Pants


I’ve heard lots of great things about these pants and have been dying to get a pair ever since I heard of them. During half marathon training when my legs were constantly exhausted it would have been really nice to have them! I asked for them in the black/nero color.

Hair accessories from ThreeBirdNest

I stumbled across this Etsy shop a few months ago and find myself browsing through their items fairly often. I asked for anything cute from the shop (which is basically everything!). Here are a few items that caught my eye:


Mint Cable Knitted Headband


Teal Turban Headband


Lace Knit Infinity Scarf

Velveteen Kimono from Forever 21

00138685-01 (1)

I’ve been loving kimonos lately and I especially love the look of this one. It comes in teal, too (my favorite color), but I decided to branch out and ask for the plum!


I love reading but tend to fall out of the habit when school starts. I’m open to reading all types of books, but I asked for three specifically – Gone Girl, If I Stay, and Slaughterhouse Five.

Cute Coffee Mugs

I used to not care much for hot beverages, but I’m starting to enjoy them more and more- specifically hot tea and cider. Now that I’m using them more, I’d really love to have some cute mugs!

That’s about it for me! I always love getting random surprises too, so we’ll see what Christmas brings!

Have a great weekend!


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