Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday, I hope the past week for you has been a great one. I have exactly ZERO pictures to show you from Christmas, but I’ll do my best to recap it for ya in words.

I was lucky enough to have Christmas Eve off of work, so I got to spend the day relaxing with my family. That evening, we went out to dinner with Ben and his family before heading off to the candlelight service at church. After the service, we went our separate ways and my family and I drove around the neighborhood to check out the Christmas lights. We then stayed up way to late watching Home Alone (the best) and went to bed!

Christmas morning started off with a yummy breakfast casserole made with egg, sausage, cheese, and bread. After I woke up and sorted the gifts, we all took turns opening our presents. It was a relaxing morning! Ben and I took turns going to each other’s houses to open gifts from our parents. That night I went to Ben’s house for a bit to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with his family. It was really cute!

Other than that, I’ve basically been back to working and relaxing. I had a Hobbit marathon with Ben, his sister, and her husband. We’re hoping to go see the new one on New Year’s Eve! A bike ride, a hike, and a kickball game also happened. It feels good to move in ways other than running! I’ve been using muscles that were neglected for months and it feels fantastic. Needless to say, I’ve been pretty sore lately!

That’s all for today.. I’ll be back at some point this week for a recap of my 2014 goals, and a list of my new 2015 goals (INCLUDING ways that I will actually hold myself accountable!).

Have a great day!


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